“It's been amazing, I found all the techniques really helpful!”

“This course has helped me to think about my mental and physical wellbeing. I am now able to recognise
when I need to take care of myself and this enables me to take care of my work”

“This course has allowed me time to step back, prioritise my issues and take a breather. When I'm full up, I just can't work properly”

“It was the best hour of the week! I will miss these sessions tremendously!”

“It has helped me put things into perspective and realise its important to de-stress in order to function”

“I am so grateful to have been able to take part in this programme. Also to share with other people in our similar experiences and be supported by a group. I’ve distressed and made some real friends...thank you!”

Support Staff and Teachers The Plume School

"I am very sensitive to stress and anxiety. Teaching and working with children can be very stressful and the pressure on teachers can be extreme. I really liked the fact that Anna had extensive knowledge of working with young people and was able to relate to the daily stresses and strains of working within schools. I think we all felt that she removed the stigma of stress and normalized the fact that everyone would experience stress, that it was almost human nature and it wasn't something to worry about, rather something to recognise and help ourselves with. I loved all the relaxation techniques, it didn't feel like attending a normal course! it was the best part of my week! But I also really enjoyed learning about the science of stress and the different chemical reactions that happen to make me react to certain stressors the way I do. I managed to teach EFT to my children and we use it as a calming down technique after lunch!"

Miss J Platten - Early Years Teacher Takeley Primary School

Commenting on behaviour management training for teaching assistants

This was amazing. Being honest, when I work with young people I go on instinct, using my experience of my own children and feedback from the teachers. To be given some real knowledge about how to identify certain behaviours,  how to manage them and most importantly, how to support them, was really empowering. I feel like I’m going into individual work with some expertise and I feel much more confident. The trainer was really lovely too, lots of advice and knowledge for us to take from!

Teaching Assistant The Plume School

"The staff really enjoyed the taster session you offered. It was nice to offer them something nurturing and meaningful which has also helped them think about how they manage stress"

G Doyle - Head teacher