The Bloom Project has over 30 years combined experience working with schools, businesses and individuals delivering flexible training and programmes of support, tailored to help you achieve your targets and desired outcomes.  We offer quality training at competitive prices.

Our consultants are stress and anxiety management specialists and have worked across a variety of sectors successfully delivering courses and consultation which can help increase the productivity and attendance of your staff.

We offer onsite and public training.  Our onsite training is delivered at your premises and, to improve relevance, can include an element of tailoring to your business requirements at no additional cost. In all cases, the training is run by experienced facilitators, with practical exercises to reinforce the learning. Our public training is held at accessible venues across London and Essex.

Anna Davies

Anna Davies has worked in and around the education system in Essex for 15 years developing and delivering staff training and support, providing therapeutic interventions, delivering counselling and building programmes of support tailored to the young person and the school environment.

Anna has designed and delivered alternative education programmes for youth offending and higher education. Anna is a person-centred, multi-systemic therapist, with extensive experience in behaviour management, child development, child psychology and school-based provisions.

Anna is also a qualified meditation teacher.


Shelley Stel

Shelley Stel is a skilled multisystemic therapist. She has many years of experience working in parenting and anti-social behaviour management; working with the local authority, youth offending teams, schools, parents, and the community. She has created bespoke parenting programmes and training for professionals regarding ADHD, ASD and behaviour management and works with individuals, groups and systemically.

Shelley has a BSc (Hons) Psychology and is certified to deliver various parenting programmes, ADHD coaching and is a qualified meditation teacher.